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    Our team

    our Team

    Who are you?What is your style? It often happens that we don’t know what to wear and how to look both glamorous and elegant.

    Karen Wage
    Karen Wage
    Product Consultant
    Karen is a very reliable and intelligent person and a high-class employee. She graduated from  Stockton College in 2015 where
    Michael Clark
    Michael Clark
    Billing Specialist
    Michael is a our Billing  expert. He can answer your questions about your account, payment or refund status. He is
    Nina Gomez
    Nina Gomez
    Customer Service Representative
    Nina will gladly help you to resolve all the issues with your order status, shipping, returns, etc. She has over

    Our skills

    Long story short, the main factor this next season is the boldness and audacity. Audacity is the name of the game for next season. And you need to actually feel a little bit more empowered than usual in order to carry off the deluge of mauve and pink, electro furs, couture red and glitter lurex from head to toe that ruled the runways in the fashion capitals. Do you already feel over excited about this? If not, let’s delve more into which specific colors and hues will be prominent among the urban fashionistas this winter. The Bubblegum pink is said to be featured in virtually every major fashion collection out there, almost on par with white at times.

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